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In January 2004, we came to the Yucatan to celebrate my husband's birthday. He wasn't my husband yet, and the trip was a bit of a "test."

I'd been travelling to this part of Mexico since 1983 - when Cancun had only a half a dozen hotels on the strip, Playa del Carmen was still a fishing village, Paamul and Xpu-ha were just dirt roads to the most pristine beaches I'd ever seen - and Tulum was just about Mayan ruins. I loved this part of the world so much - and returned year after year - moving farther south to avoid the crowds and the growth. And then, because of all kinds of reasons, I didn't go back for a number of years.

Richard had only been to Cancun…so, I thought I'd bring him to my world and see if he would love it as much as I did. We stayed at the south end of Tankah Bay…and he passed the test with flying colors. We found the property for Villa Luminosa and bought it just after we returned to the United States.

We'd hoped to build immediately, but it took longer than we expected. They say that good things are worth waiting for…and we truly believe that about Villa Luminosa. Finally, through April and May 2008 we put the final touches on the house…and began welcoming guests.

We continue to be awed that our dream has come to fruition - actually, the reality is even better than we imagined. Villa Luminosa enjoys a perfect spot with flowers, birds, breezes, palm trees, sunrises, sunsets, and, most of all, the extraordinary colors of the Caribbean and Tankah Bay.

We invite you to visit Villa Luminosa - it is a renewing and regenerating experience - a serene and idyllic spot for a vacation with friends and family.

Buenas vacaciones,

Harriet and Richard Lowe
29 June 2008



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