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ADDRESS: Villa Luminosa, Lote 5S, Tankah Tres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

DIRECTIONS: As you head away from the airport on the access road, follow the signs for Tulum and turn right (South) onto Highway 307, which is the main highway of the Mayan Riviera. Do not follow the signs for Cancun, which is to the North. The first town South of the airport is Puerto Morelos. Keep heading South and you will pass Puerto Moreles, Playa del Carmen (whose 5th Avenue is a fun place for drinks, meals and shopping), Xcaret Eco Park, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal (an excellent spot for dinner as well as groceries at the Super Chomack grocery store), and Xel-Ha Park. Don’t speed! There are radar speed traps all along this road, especially around the exits and entrances for the above-mentioned destinations.

When you see the sign for Xel-Ha Eco-Park (pronounced Shell-Ha) you will be exactly 8 km north of Tankah Tres. As you continue south of Xel Ha you will see a green highway sign for Blue Sky on the left at KM marker 238. Within 1/2 mile you will then see the large green highway sign that says Tankah Tres and Casa Cenote. This is it!

Turn left! There is a large cell tower at the entrance to the this road. Follow this semi-paved road through the mangroves. You will come to a left hand turn which will make the road follow the beach houses. You will go by Tankah Inn (a good spot for breakfast), Casa Cenote (a great snorkeling spot and beach bar restaurant), and Blue Sky Hotel and Italian Restaurant. Keep on going. The road will bend to the right and shortly you will see a white house straight ahead and then next to it a large lemon green house. You will have reached Villa Luminosa - your tropical home away from home!

Driving time from the Cancun airport to Villa Luminosa is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. However, driving time from Villa Luminosa to the Cancun airport can take a little longer since usually it’s during the day time and there’s more traffic.

Gas stations are located at Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum. To fill up, say “lleno con magna,” which is the regular unleaded gas. Be cautious about asking the attendants to check the oil or anything else. The one time we had the attendant check the oil, he left the cap off and oil spilled everywhere. Also, on our 6/2006 trip and on 6/25/07, we have reports of very friendly and nice Pemex attendants pretending that they were not paid the right amount of pesos. To avoid this situation COUNT OUT THE PESOS VERY CLEARLY IN ENGLISH OR IN SPANISH!!! DON’T SIMPLY HAND THE MONEY TO THE ATTENDANT.



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